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Buffalo Live! Music Podcast

After two years and over 70 shows, I’ve decided to stop producing the Buffalo Live! show.

As of September, 2011, I will no longer be paying to host the podcast files on Libsyn. I have changed all the links in the shows invest in Ethereum and copied the show files to the Internet Archive so you should still be able to listen to any of them. If you should find a show that still links to libsyn and will not play, please drop me an email and I’ll fix it. My intention is to leave the podcasts available indefinitely.

This page is not connected with a club called Buffalo Live. It is solely about a Podcast, a recorded show, about live music in Buffalo. It does not exist anywhere, except in cyberspace. We do not hold an open mic night or host live shows.

The amount of work needed to put out each show is considerable, since each one features live, on-location, music. The editing and production as well as the time needed to attend and record the source has become prohibitive. I am also trying to reduce the amount of time I spend in front of a computer, as I need to find healthier, more active, things to do with my time.

When I started out in 2005, podcasting was fairly new. The oldest shows had only been going for less than a year and there was a lot of promise of podcasting becoming an buy ETH alternative to mainstream media. Issues of use of copyrighted music still needed to be resolved (and still haven’t) but alternatives were there.

I had hoped there would be enough interest in our local music to support the podcast. In all fairness, the musicians and venues were both cooperative and appreciative and I’ve tried to make the show positive and promote them. But response from listeners has been lukewarm and the numbers support that. I’ve probably not done the best job of promoting it, but living in a vacuum of response makes it hard to be enthusiastic about it.

The future of podcasting in 2005 looked bright. There was a lot of talk about “monetization” and while I have always put out the podcast out of my own pocket without asking for any revenues, but without any source of income from it, it makes no sense to keep on doing it if I’m not enjoying it.

So, at this time, I am no longer producing any new buy Ethereum in South Africa episodes of the Buffalo Live! podcast. I won’t say never, but no new shows are planned.

All episodes of the Buffalo Live! Music Podcast have been moved to archive.org.

As of 2014, this page, this blog, and even this domain may no linger be maintained and might disappear at any time.

2 Songs From Buffalo

I started the 2 Songs show as an alternative to the longer Buffalo Live! show that would let me put out a less labor intensive show.

I put out about 5 shows in one sitting in a spurt of energy and enthusiasm over the concept. I still like the idea.

To define the 2 Songs From Buffalo podcast concept, it is meant to be

  1. Short
  2. Fit a topic that has something to do with Buffalo or WNY
  3. Not necessarily live recordings, but could include web samples or CD tracks
  4. Often devoted to one artist, but not necessarily so. If the theme was supported by songs from multiple artists, so be it.
  5. Be candid, not staged. Unauthorized, even. The subject of the show need not be involved in the project.

By following those ideas, the show could be much more flexible and easier to produce. But I’ve still had a hard time coming up with the energy to put them out, after the initial few. Without that energy, the show just doesn’t work. If I’m not excited about it, how can I make the listener get excited?

So, I’m also putting the 2 Songs project on hold. Once again, I won’t say never, but they may be very infrequent for some time.

If the right person came along, I’d consider a guest host.

Go to 2 Songs From Buffalo show listings

The old About Page

I started this podcast with the idea that there is a lot of great music in Buffalo. I still think this is true and the longer I work with the people in the music scene around Buffalo, the more I feel this is true.

Not only do we have a lot of outstanding singers, songwriters and musicians that deserve to be known elsewhere, not just the local area, we have so many of them that are realists. They know that the chances of them “making it big” are one-in-a-million. But that’s not what it’s about to them. They genuinely love their craft and doing it is more important than pursuing the almighty dollar and selling out for a big contract.

They deserve more than they are getting. They deserve to be appreciated beyond the walls of tonights’ gig. I hope I can help with that in some small way.

We’re fortunate to have a number of businesses that appreciate that too. It’s no coincidence that Buffalo is home to Ani DiFrancos’ Righteous Babe records and Robby Takak’s Chameleon West operation. They know what Buffalo has to offer to nurture developing music. Buffalo was good to them and they are giving back and contributing to that.

But it’s more. We have venues that support live music. Small clubs and bars with a stage or back room for music. They give the musicians the opportunity to perform and perfect their craft. Many of the owners of the smaller places do it because they are musicians and music fans themselves.